Toby Daniels
Co-Founder and CEO, Crowdcentric

We feel better knowing events like Social Media Week are organized by people like Toby. His ability to understand exploding technology spaces like social media and crowdfunding-- not just for their commercial potential, but also their impact on society and culture-- is what makes Toby stand out for us and his clients at Crowdcentric. His goal is to "design a future where technology and humanity come together to create a more open, connected and sustainable world." Now that's a mission we can definitely get on board with. Toby's time will support CampInteractive, where he also serves as a senior board member.

Likes to talk about
Social Media
Business Development
Digital Marketing
Digital Media
Early-stage Startups
Cross-team Collaboration
Content Strategy
Social Media Marketing
Product Development
Toby's Cause: C/I
C/I's year-round programs introduce students from underserved communities to the creative power of technology and the opportunities they need to succeed while instilling the leadership qualities necessary to achieve their goals. CI's program curriculum advances towards hands-on training in today's most relevant technology subject areas, access to immediate job opportunities, and long-term career paths in the tech industry. This dynamic experience prepares them to thrive through ambiguity in their academics and kickstarts success in their professional careers.