Mark Horvath
Founder, Invisible People

Everyone talks about social media's potential to democratize and empower those less fortunate. Mark actually makes that happen. Mark, or @hardlynormal as the Internet knows him, is an internationally recognized activist who tells the story of the countless individuals without a voice-- those living in shelters, motels, tents, alongside streets and under highway bridges. His platform is one of the most revolutionary and poignant storytelling destinations we've ever seen on the web. Mark's work is extraordinary because he not only helps solve the systemic, scaled problems of homelessness by destroying stereotypes, but he also helps singular individuals, every day. Session with Mark will benefit Invisible People.

Likes to talk about
Social Media
Non-profit Technology
At-risk Populations
Social Change
Nonprofit Technology
Cause Marketing
Video Production
Mark's Cause: Invisible People
Invisible People connects people to the face of homelessness in a direct and meaningful way that humanizes the subject and builds empathy in the viewer. This is way more important and impactful than simple awareness and has caused communities to rethink their policies on homelessness. Invisible People has traveled to over a hundred cities in six different countries empowering its homeless friends to have a voice while sharing the stories of people who are giving their all to end homelessness.