Francis Pedraza
Agent at Invisible Technologies, Inc.

We've met few leaders with Francis's authenticity. His everyone-seems-to-be-talking-about-it app Everest helps people live their dreams and achieve their goals. And Francis, for one, has lots of goals-- everything from cooking to trail running to blogging. We're not sure how he finds time to achieve them between advising over a dozen startups and running such a successful company. Oh wait, yes we do: it's called Everest. Sessions with Francis will support Change Heroes.

Likes to talk about
Strategic Planning
Public Speaking
Strategic Partnerships
Business Strategy
Social Media Marketing
Venture Capital
Francis's Cause: The Future Project
The Future Project turns schools into places where anything is possible. Dream Directors are embedded in schools full-time to unleash the passion and purpose of everyone within them. They're new kinds of leaders, whose design is grounded entirely in breakthrough research and emerging evidence. To multiply their impact, Dream Directors build Dream Teams of coaches, students, and teachers, and charge them with transforming their schools from the inside out. We believe young people must be leading school change. Dream Directors challenge students to create ambitious projects like clubs, campaigns, companies, and so much more. Research suggests there may be no more transformative experience for a student. As students lead their peers, Dream Directors partner with principals to reimagine spaces, rethink policies, and remove any barrier in the way of inspiration. Within months, the school's new culture inspires everyone within it.