Floyd Cardoz
Executive Chef

We first discovered Chef's food at his world famous restaurant Tabla in New York City, which dazzled our taste buds by combining traditional Indian flavors with Western technique. After Tabla, Chef joined Danny Meyer's Union Square Hospitality Group as Executive Chef of North End Grill where he continued to innovate across geographical and technical boundaries before moving on to a new personal project. Along the way, he won Season 3 of Top Chef Masters and earned the grand prize donation of $100,000 for the Young Scientist Cancer Research Fund. Now, as a continuation of his philanthropic efforts, sessions with Floyd will support the Young Scientist Foundation.

Likes to talk about
Food & Beverages
The Young Scientist Foundation is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization that provides high-school students and undergraduates with a rare opportunity to discover their passion for science by working alongside accomplished researchers to develop new treatments for cancer and other diseases. This hands-on experience is the young scientist's first step toward a successful career in translational research, in which scientific discoveries are turned into therapies that benefit large patient populations. A great scientific hypothesis is only meaningful when the concept is brought from the bench to the patient's bedside. We provide the funding and tools necessary for young scientists to learn how to make their discoveries a reality.