Claude Grunitzky
Owner and Chairman, TRUE

Claude knows everyone. Ok, maybe not everyone, but lots of people. He splits his time between Togo, where he was born, Paris, London, Rio and New York City and like his residences, Claude's career has covered quite a bit of ground. He created the well-received True magazine, which evolved into Trace, and eventually expanded into TV and brand marketing under his guidance as Chairman. Yet, for as much as Claude understands about creating great content from his seat at the intersection of global cultures, his greatest passion has always been people. We're constantly meeting those who list Claude as a mentor and friend. His generosity and time will go toward helping Humanity in Action.

Likes to talk about
Marketing Strategy
Digital Media
Social Media
Digital Marketing
Event Management
Online Advertising
Digital Strategy
Marketing Communications
Claude's Cause: Humanity in Action
Humanity in Action is an international organization that educates, inspires and connects a global network of university students, young professionals and established leaders who are committed to promoting human rights, diversity and active citizenship—in their own communities and around the world. Through its programs and partnerships with outstanding civic and educational organizations, Humanity in Action contributes in innovative ways to advance human rights and democratic freedoms. Humanity in Action's network of leaders is a valuable resource to policy-makers, diplomats, educators, business leaders and civic-minded individuals and organizations. By the end of the decade, Humanity in Action will connect over 2,500 professionals working in all sectors, on a range of critical issues, in countries around the world.