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Shaun Abrahamson


Between the MIT Engineering degree and the MBA from the Berlin School of Creative Leadership, it's hard not to be impressed by Shaun. That unique combination of left and right brain is exactly why we've dog-eared so many pages of Crowdstorm, Shaun's book that outlines... read more

Likes to talk about: Start Ups / Strategy / Product Development / Entrepreneurship / Digital Media / and 8 other topics
Cause: Natural Resources Defense Council

Alex Seropian

Founder, Industrial Toys

We almost forgot to write Alex's bio because we were too busy playing Halo, one of numerous iconic video game franchises he created as Founder and President of Bungie. Alex has repeatedly left his unmistakable mark on the games industry from creating Wideload Games... read more

Likes to talk about: Video Games / Mobile Games / Game Development / Social Games / Game Design / and 9 other topics
Cause: National MS Society, NYC-Southern NY Chapter

Nihal Mehta

Founding General Partner, Eniac Ventures

We're pretty sure Nihal knows a thing or two about the mobile space. Having founded five mobile startups, including the highly lauded LocalResponse, and invested in over 70 other mobile companies, he certainly has experience we trust. Nihal has managed to mix... read more

Likes to talk about: Mobile Marketing / Entrepreneurship / Start-ups / Mobile Devices / Mobile Advertising / and 5 other topics
Cause: Girls Who Code

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